Nā Pō Mākole – The Night Rainbows

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Stephen teams up with pianist Shawn Livingston Moseley for this groundbreaking album of Slack Key guitar and piano duets. Kaua’i based slack key master Cindy Combs graces this album of all original material on three tracks.

Music, the true preservation of time, invigorates culture and tells stories of old to bring new understanding of cultural change. The compositions embodied on this album are written to explore the very essence of what music from Hawai’i is now, and will continue to evolve to. Blending traditional elements of Slack Key Guitar and Classical Piano, these compositions are a departure from learned tradition, however are written in honor of it. Inspired by the ‘aina that nurtured us both as we grew as people and artist, these compositions are dedicated to the memories of our ancestors, their spiritual guidance and everyday presence in our lives. We also dedicate this album to our kumu and kupuna, without whom music would never survive, and our musical voices possibly never heard.

Stephen Inglis- Ki Ho’alu
Shawn Livingston Moseley- Piano
Cindy Combs-Ki Ho’alu, ‘Ukulele
Cindy appears courtesy of Dancing Cat Records

Produced by Stephen Inglis and Shawn Livingston Moseley
Recorded at HPR Atherton Performing Arts Studio, Honolulu, HI January 2008
Mixed and mastered by Shawn Livingston Moseley at Witchdoctor Recording, Honolulu, HI

3 reviews for Nā Pō Mākole – The Night Rainbows

  1. 3 out of 5


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  2. 3 out of 5


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  3. 2 out of 5


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