“Inglis takes the most complicated emotions and creates songs that welcome, soothe and comfort the weary soul” – Terry Roland- No Depression

“Inglis is a genre-bending, genre-blending chameleon, and, the fluidity and ease with which he navigates such a wide spectrum of influences is truly exceptional”- The News Hub

“Learning You By Heart” is 13 tracks of one of a kind musical magic that will take you on a journey of old Mexico, the islands of Oahu and Hawaii, then back to Ole El Paso. It touches on the spirit of Americana Country”- Nashville Music Guide

“Learning You By Heart is an album that revels in the beauty of simplicity. Stephen Inglis is able to blend genres so fluidly and easily that his changeability almost goes straight over your head – a testament to his exceptional song-writing ability.” – .Muso’s Guide U.K.

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